More Sinbad on the way... plus, the return of ShadowHawk!!!

14 Mar 2013
Okay, maybe we should start with “Who is Lucius Fogg” for those who don’t know. Fogg is a series of novels that I started writing live on twitter a couple years back. They feature occultist Lucius Fogg and his personal detective Jimmy Doyle set in a 1950’s New York City where the supernatural exists in every shadow and dark alley. Doyle is the every-man brought into this bizarre world and he narrates the cases he takes on behalf of his enigmatic boss. Originally Fogg was created to be a chapter book series for Cellar Door Publishing back in 2005 and I wrote the equivalent of a novella that I called: “Three Little Ladies All in a Morgue.” The chapter book project never took off but I enjoyed writing the characters so much that the desire to do more with them never left me. Years later a few things happened. In 2009 I needed something for my table at Comic-Con so I printed up fifty copies of the novella. The feedback I got on the book was so positive that the desire was rekindled. My best friend, Lisa Worby, kept asking when there would be more Fogg and author James A. Owens came by to tell me that there needed to be more Fogg.

It was in my mind, but the final piece needed came a year later as I met Salome Jones. She had a desire to be an editor and in our discussions I got the wild idea that I should do another Fogg story, but I was going to do it live on Twitter. I used the original novella as the base and started writing every day with the world watching. Having the instant feedback was exciting and pushed me to complete it and by Halloween of 2010 I had a completed novel professionally edited by Salome. I started shopping it around to agents and got a few positive responses but overall no one bit. So in the summer of 2011 Lucius Fogg: Deadly Creatures became an e-novel. And a few months later, with Salome’s help, it was joined by Lucius Fogg: Malicious Intent and a third novel began to form in my mind. I had a plethora of story ideas I wanted to get to. And then around March of 2012 a few things happened that knocked the wheels off the Fogg express.

My wife, Debbie, had lost her job and money was getting tight. I had the novels out there but spreading the word of their existence would be time consuming and I needed to focus on projects that would pay quickly. My time to focus on promoting the e-books vanished as well as the time to work on the next novel. I was made aware of a few different print publishers that were looking for projects and I submitted the books… but most of them weren’t interested in anything that had been e-published previously, so Malicious Intent went right back offline and sent out while Deadly Creatures floated in the ether. I spent the majority of 2012 writing comic books for Zenescope and looking for more work. I think this catches everyone up on where he has been…

So where is Fogg going? That’s what I’m in the process of figuring out. I want to write the characters again. I want to hear Jimmy’s voice in my head and on the page once more. And by the reaction I got there are plenty of you that want to read more about the boys. So there are some things I’ve already put into motion and things that I’m trying to decide. First are the covers. I have used two different covers for the books so far. The original black & white covers drawn by Tone Rodriguez and Brent Peeples respectively and then the photos covers featuring models Sara Liz and Divinora Darling. Well, two days ago I posted about needing an artist and an old friend responded immediately that he would be happy to do new ones for me. He’s a painter and can do some amazing work. I’m very excited to see what we can come up with. He’ll be doing covers for the two completed novels and the next one. If it all works out I may have enough dirt on him to keep him around for any future Fogg novels as well. So the first part of my plan is for the novels to get a facelift.

Second part has to do with the e-books and the availability. Amazon has some amazing promotional tools that you can use if you go exclusive with them. I’ve decided to do just that. For at least the next 90 days both Deadly Creatures and Malicious intent will be available exclusively through And with that I’ve put together this weekend’s Fogg Event or as I like to think of it, “Introduce Your Friends to Fogg”; but more on that in a minute. Bottom line, I’m going to be pushing the e-books again and would love any help I can get on that.

I also want to get the books into print. Yes, I want there to be physical copies of Fogg out there in the world. Now I just have to figure out how to do that. I’ve tried the ‘get an agent and let them find a publisher’ route but being an old comic pro, that way just doesn’t work for me. Jumping through hoops to get someone to then go out and try to sell my book for me. I’m more of a hands-on guy. So my options become find a publisher myself (maybe a comic publisher), fund a print run on my own or go with a print-on-demand website. All of these are viable options that I am exploring and I hope to have a decision on that in the next few weeks. I’ve got a few publishers I’m trying to talk to and a couple P-o-D sites I’m checking out, but the other option leads us to the next thing I have to think about: Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an amazing tool that when used right allows a creator to do work that might otherwise never be seen. So how do I use it? Do I put together a campaign to raise enough money to do a print run on Deadly Creatures? Maybe I should print Malicious Intent? Shoot for enough to print both? All of them are good possibilities. Another option would be to use Kickstarter to fund the writing of the third novel. Other authors do that. Ask for enough to cover the time it would take to write the book and to pay the editor then release a digital copy to everyone who donated. There are so many options that I’m really not sure what the best approach may be. I’m going to ask around for advice on this.

So this is where we are at, new push on the e-books along with going exclusive with Amazon for at least a while. There will be new covers and maybe even some pin-ups if I can twist a few arms from some other friends. There will be printed copies of the first two novels available in the near future with how and quantity to be determined. And there will be a new Fogg novel this summer. I will most likely fire up the Fogg Twitter account again and tease some of the work on there. I may even put together an audio version of Deadly Creatures read by… ME. I’m told I have a good voice. I may even have another surprise up my sleeve, but I’ll save that for later.

That leaves us this weekend’s event. Starting at midnight tonight and running through Sunday March 17th, Lucius Fogg: Deadly Creatures will be available for free on If you read the book when I wrote it on Twitter, there is so much you missed. If you haven’t gotten a copy for your kindle yet, now is your chance. But this is also a great time to introduce your friends and family to Fogg. Send them the link or even gift them the book. Convince them that their life isn’t complete until they know about Lucius, Jimmy, Sea Bass, Conrad, Ravenstorm and Tiny. The more people that read the first novel help improve the chances of a fourth, fifth and more. I will post a specific link to the book once the price drops so you can introduce Fogg to the people you care about. Please help me spread the word.

And I have to acknowledge that Fogg exists because of you, the readers. You inspire me, you drive me and you make me want to be better and work harder. You are as much part of this as I am. Together we can make Fogg successful. You tell your friends and I’ll write more stories.

26 Oct 2010
Third video in the series.

08 Oct 2010
Second ad video.

30 Sep 2010
New ad campaign kicks off.

28 Aug 2010

20 Jul 2010
Dan Wickline will be attending the Comic-con International in San Diego this week. He does not have his own booth this year, but will be signing at the following locations and times:

At the Image Comics/Shadowline booth
Thr 4-5 pm
Sat 6-7 pm

At the Zenescope booth
Thr 12-1 pm
Fri 4-5 pm
Sat 3-4 pm

As always, signatures are free and he will sign any of his published work at either location. Copies of ShadowHawk will be available at the Image Comics booth and Copies of Sinbad and other books will be available at Zenescope.

See you there!

30 Jun 2010
Read the new Lucius Fogg Mystery as it is being created for free!

At Comicon International 2009, writer Dan Wickline debuted his exclusive novella, Three Little Ladies All in the Morgue: a Lucius Fogg Mystery. The tale introduced the world to the enigmatic detective Lucius Fogg and his assistant Jimmy Doyle. The limited edition print run sold out quickly and readers have been clamoring for more. Wickline has begun work on a full-length novel but didn't want readers to have to wait any longer... So he will simultaneously be writing a new novella of the character exclusively on Twitter.

Starting July 1st and running until its completion, The Werewolves of Paddington Court: a Lucius Fogg Mystery will be written live at This is not a previously created tale being re-published. Each entry of the story will be posted as it is written and will conform to the 140 character limitation inherent to a Twitter site. Fans of Wickline's comic or prose writing will get new material as it is being created and gain a unique look into the creative process as it happens.

The Lucius Fogg Mysteries are set in the 1950s and detail the cases of detective/occultist Lucius Fogg as he assists his clients with the strange and supernatural that runs rampant through the streets of New York City. The stories are narrated by Fogg's assistant, WWII vet Jimmy Doyle. In The Werewolves of Paddington Court there has been a rash of savagely brutalized corpses found that has local police believing a vicious animal is loose in the city... And Fogg's latest client happens to be a werewolf.

Follow the new story as it is created at

Dan Wickline has written for the 30 Days of Night franchise as well as Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland. He is currently scripting 1001 Arabian Night: The Adventures of Sinbad and ShadowHawk: Resurrection. Besides Lucius Fogg, Wickline has written short prose fiction for such classic pulp characters as The Phantom, The Avenger and The Green Hornet. You can read more about Wickline at

30 Jun 2010
Dan Wickline sits down with Ed English for June's Behind the Mask podcast on Blogtalk Radio.

To hear the interview.

23 May 2010
Phoenix AZ - May 27th through 30th at the Phoenix Convention Center, Dan Wickline will be attending the Phoenix Comicon. He will be set up in artist alley at table T51 and will be participating in 3 panels: Out of the Shadows, How to Write Horror Comics, Artist vs Writer. Bring your copies of ShadowHawk, Sinbad or any other of his works to the show and he will sign them for free.

30 Apr 2010
40 for 40

Whittier, CA - On May 2nd, the Nomad Gallery will be hosting a one night show to celebrate the last decade of photography by Dan Wickline. A variety of pieces will be on display and for sale that evening ranging from some of his earlierst work to images taken within the last few months.

Some of the models appearing in the work include: Isobel Wren, Liz Ashley, Carly Erin, Sarah Liz, Kerri Taylor, Amanda Redd and Angela Ryan.

The show is from 5pm to 9pm Sunday May 2nd at the Nomad Store/Gallery located at 6548 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier CA. 90601. Admittance is free, but 18 years and older only.

30 Mar 2010
You'll notice some minor changes on this page. In the top right corner you see 3 new buttons. The first, a 't' will take you to my twitter page where I randomly post whatever comes to mind. The 'f' will take you to facebook where I do whatever you do on facebook... and finally, the "dw" button will take you to my photography website. Be warned that there are some images on that site not suitable for anyone under 18...

Once there, the "dw" button there will bring you back here. Clever eh?

08 Mar 2010
Paul Johnstone returns to the helmet in SHADOWHAWK #1!

Berkeley, CA - 8 March 2010 - Paul Johnstone may have died, but not only is he better now, he's resumed the mantle of ShadowHawk in SHADOWHAWK, an all-new series arising from the pages of IMAGE UNITED written by DAN WICKLINE with art by TONE RODRIGUEZ.

"The return of the original SHADOWHAWK, Paul Johnstone, is electrifying. Dan and Tone have RESURRECTED the character of SHADOWHAWK, both literally and figuratively in a manner that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been done before," says Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino. "Paul Johnstone is back to kick butt and take names."

SHADOWHAWK takes place 15 years after Paul Johnstone's stunning death and though he wears the ShadowHawk helmet once more, New York is a far more dangerous place than he remembers. A new evil festers in the city's shadows, but before Johnstone can deal with the ramifications of returning to life, he must first confront his past.

SHADOWHAWK #1 (MAR100390), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores May 5, 2010.

03 Dec 2009
Dan Wickline will have 4 of his photos in an exhibit starting on Dec 6th at the Nomad Gallery in Whittier CA. The exhibit is entitlged 'Controversy & Diversity' and will run through the month of December.

Premier of the exibit and reception will be Dec 6th from 4 pm to 10pm with many of the photographers including Dan Wickline on hand.

Nomad Store & Gallery
6548 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier, CA. 90601

03 Oct 2009
Dan Wickline will be appearing at the Long Beach Comic-con Octber 2nd through the 4th. He will have copies of his latest work including the Wonderland Annual, Sinbad trade and the first Lucius Fogg short story. He will be set up at table 40 in artist alley.

04 Aug 2009
At Comic-Con, Frazetta Comics editor Jay Fotos announced the upcoming release of three new Frazetta comics including the INVADERS written by Dan Wickline and art by Bud Root. Jay now talks to CBR about the new projects:

Click here to read it.

16 Jul 2009
Comic creator Dan Wickline (1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease) shifts gears to produce Three Little Ladies All In the Morgue: A Lucius Fogg Mystery. Occult specialist Fogg and his leg man Jimmy Doyle are called in by the police when three unrelated women are murdered in exactly the same fashion by three different killers. Is there a connection between the crimes and can Fogg find it in time to prevent more deaths? This short story crosses the dark corners of the horror genre with the style of a period piece murder mystery.

The book will be available at the Comic-Con International at booth #5335 but in a very low quantity. Only 50 copies of the book have been printed, each will be numbered and signed by the author. Only 10 of the books will be made available each day to spread the release over the length of the show. The first 10 will be available at the start of Preview Night. Then each day after another 10 will be made available at noon. The book is fifty pages long, has a cover with art by Brent Peeples and will be selling for $10.00.

20 Apr 2009
Lee Clark Zumpe of the Tampa Bay News Weekly has reviewed the new Sinbad trade and referred to it as:
"A sword-and-sorcery lover’s dream: These pages contain brawny swordsman; buxom, scantily-clad women warriors; demonic creatures and exotic palaces."

As well as saying:
"'1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad' should appeal to any collector who craves high adventure, fantasy and good story-telling."

To read the whole review.

18 Apr 2009
The critically acclaimed, sold out hit series is now collected in one volume. With story by horror master Steve Niles and new comer Jeff Frank, scripts by Dan Wickline and art by fan favorite Mike Mayhew and Frank Bravo this is a trade you'll definitely want for your collection. 106 full color pages for only $12.99.

02 Apr 2009
To celebrate both the release of the first trade and the start of the new story arc, Zenescope and Comic Book Resources have put up all of issue 8 of 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad for free. The story written by Dan Wickline and drawn by Eduardo Ferigato starts the new City of the Dead story line that will run through issue 13.

Click here to read it.

01 Apr 2009
Dan Wickline will be attending the Emerald City Comic Con 4/4 and 4/5. He will be sitting next to Sinbad #3 interior artist Tone Rodriguez at table A-17 and will have select copies of 1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad, Savage and Grimm Fairy Tales on sale. He will also be happy to sign any books your bring him.

Go to their website for more information, directions, etc.

23 Mar 2009
A new video has been released giving insight to the Hero Initiative. Included in the video are Gene Colan, Mark Waid, Tim Seeley, Jim Valentino, Dan Wickline, Brian Pulido and many more.

To watch the video.

23 Mar 2009
1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad Volume 1 hit stores on 3/18/2009. The issue collects the zero issue preview story, all of the Eyes of Fire storeline and includes a gallery of issue zero through six covers. It also includes a forward by Spawn & Aria writer Brian Holguin. The 180+ page tome is on sale now for the low price of $15.99 at a retailer near you.

19 Feb 2009
The original graphic novel BLOOD-STAINED SWORD by Dan Wickline and Ben Templesmith is out of print, but you can still read it for $1.99. It and a slew of other back issues from IDW Publishing are now available from Eagle One Media for more details!